Cash Centre Tonypandy

Cash Centre Tonypandy,
29, De Winton Street,
R.C.T. CF40 2RA.

Tel/Fax:- 01443 433422

Also at :-
Cash Centre, Church Village, Snooker World, Main Road,
Church Village. CF38 1RL.

Tel / Fax:- 01443 208000

Cheque Cashing

Why wait for cheques to clear through your bank?

At the Cash Centre we cash cheques on the spot including, Wages, Solicitors, Insurance, Building Society and Loans.

We charge a small handling fee plus a percentage of the value of the cheque you give us. You walk away with the money in your hands. It's as simple as that!

Cash Til Payday

Get up to* £500 with Cash Til Payday now!

We believe you should get your hands on your cash when you need it.

It's easy to bring your payday forward with a Cash 'til Payday advance from Cash Centre.
So you never need to be out of pocket again.
To apply, just bring in:-
A valid cheque guarantee card.
Your cheque book.
You'll need to provide employment details and/or evidence of a fixed income.
Proof of identity and address, and walk away with cash in your pocket.

*Conditions Apply

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